Lynne, As we approach the end of 2022, I want to recognize you for being an incredible, thoughtful, helpful, and strong team member. We could never have shipped what we did without your relevant inquiries, broad research, focused attention to detail, and kind heart that built strong relationships with our team and our subject matter experts. I have learned so much from you. I’m honored to know you and work with you! The universe aligned and I thank you for being the bright star that you are!

— Janice Ricketts, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

I (Intel) hired Lynne O’Connor as a Tech Writer/User Design subject matter expert to assist with needs associated with a leading-edge global product development effort. Lynne was solely responsible for developing our product’s online help system and user guides, as well as ensuring good quality (UX) design involving both domestic and off-shore development resources. Lynne is very much a self-starter, self-reliant, knowledgeable of her domains, attentive to detail/quality, an excellent communicator and team player. She learns rapidly, assimilates/integrates well and delivers relevant results, on time and with quality. In fact, after Lynne was hired as a contractor, she was so well-received/respected that she (rather easily) landed herself a permanent position at the company.

— Dianne T. Czarnecki, Technical Program Manager, Intel

Lynne… showed herself to be highly skilled in the IT realm for which she was hired. In addition to her skills, she also exhibited levels of conscientiousness, enthusiasm, and focus that further enhanced her worth to the organization.

— Robert B Cialdini, PhD, President, INFLUENCE AT WORK

Lynne is praised and admired in all of IT Business Operations at UC Davis Health. The work she has accomplished has improved many processes through Finance and Procurement. I’ve been fortune enough to have the honor and privilege to be mentored by Lynne. In my experience, I gained a great amount of analytical skills through her mentorship and consistency of her work. I wouldn’t be the Analyst I am today without her guidance. I’m truly thankful and blessed to have worked with her. Not having her on the team has been a huge loss that can’t be replaced. I highly recommend working with Lynne O’Connor, she’ll be one of the best assets on any team she’s in. She made a significant impact in IT Business Operations, as I believe she will continue to do so in her new endeavor.

— Alison Ashley Coss, Business Analyst, UC Davis Health

Lynne is a great coworker. She is hard working, extremely intelligent, learns quickly, and is easy to get along with. In my years of working as a technical writer, I have worked with many different people, but Lynne stands high above most and serves as an inspiration for others to emulate. I recommend Lynne without hesitation to anyone looking for the very best in the profession.

— Mike Droege, Technical Writer, GE Oil & Gas

Lynne helped us with some detailed technical editing. The WOW factor was how quickly she cut a verbose, difficult piece of verbiage down to a concise and readable article. I wish we still had her!

— Nate Littrell, Application Engineering Manager, GE Oil & Gas

Lynne has been an asset to GE in filling in some gaps in skills and capacity. Given the right direction and tasks, Lynne was very effective at executing.

— Mel Maalouf, Application Engineer, GE Oil & Gas

Lynne did a first class job for us and I would highly recommend her as a technical writer!

— Don Silcock, Application Engineer, GE Oil & Gas

In addition to producing excellent documentation and relating well with clients, Lynne provided thoughtful, well-researched recommendations outside her job scope. She is professional in her attitudes but also warm and generous with others which makes her a person with whom colleagues and clients want to work.

— Sher Hurlburt, President, Forob, Inc.

I worked with Lynne when she was our Marketing and Communications Administrator at National Association of Teachers of Singing. She has excellent skills in web design, graphic design, and content management. I collaborated with her on various projects and enjoyed working with her; she is detail oriented, creative, and an excellent writer. Lynne also developed and implemented new social media and email marketing campaigns for our organization, and she did an excellent job. I would recommend Lynne to anyone looking for a dependable, creative person with a variety of excellent skills.

— Deborah Guess, Director of Operations, National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc.

From discovery sessions, development, QA and production support, she has proven the ability to manage time lines, complete tasks, and produce quality results. Lynne is a self-starter who can be trusted to complete tasks on deadline with minimal oversight. She is also not afraid to speak her mind when she sees inconsistencies or potential road blocks, which makes her a valuable asset to any development or management team. Lynne was a key part of the success of our projects and for this reason I recommend her without reservation for a wide range of positions within technical writing, project management, quality assurance and intellectual property management (copy writing). I believe she would be an asset for any company.

— Todd Farran, Business and Integration Architecture Manager, Accenture

While not a programmer herself, she was extremely capable in developing proficiency with complicated software to author and revise help systems and manuals, as well as test alpha and beta versions to discover bugs and improve the user interface. Her effectiveness in communicating with our programming and support team focused on developing clear, detailed, and comprehensive solutions that improved the value of the end-product and enhanced service-after-the-sale. I highly recommend her as an effective communicator and versatile member of a software development team. She is a consummate professional, helpful, friendly, and enthusiastically takes on new tasks.

— John Perona, Director of SalesLogix Product Development, Sage Software

Lynne was very good with our customers and understood that sometimes the customer just needed a bit of ‘hand holding’ while learning about their new software. Before Lynne joined Rupp Technology, our documentation was incomplete and lacked the finesse it needed. Lynne did a great job of updating and managing our documentation, and her efforts helped us all. I recommend Lynne to anyone that is looking for someone that listens and learns from both your internal teams and your external customers. This mix can be a challenge, but Lynne did it very well.

— Mark Mahoney, Data Manager, ConocoPhillips

We had web skills in our organization, but our efforts were falling short. Lynne changed all of that. It was evident that she knew how to help an organization become web competent and succeed. Thanks to Lynne, we were successful in our mission and met our goals. Lynne is a hard worker and even more of an expert than she was a few years ago. I encourage you to employ her skills to solve your challenges. Lynne has the technical skills to make a difference.

— Tom Brady, Former Executive Director, FolkTime

As owner of Stage Door Access in NYC, I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Lynne to develop a partnership with National Association of Teachers of Singing and formulate a mutually beneficial sponsorship of NATS’ first National Music Theater Competition. Her creative approach and enthusiastic communication style facilitated a relationship that will prevail for years to come. Lynne’s warm and engaging personality is conveyed over telephone and email with professionalism, tact, and integrity. If she were to relocate to NYC, I would invite her to join our team without hesitation.

— Ryan Saab, Owner, Stage Door Access

As a CMCT for Influence At Work I relied heavily on Lynne’s work when conducting POP workshops. The presentations she developed were user friendly for the trainers and engaging for students. If you hire Lynne you will appreciate her creativity.

— Brian Ahearn, Chief Influence Officer, Influence PEOPLE

Her professionalism and work ethic are strong… Her calm demeanor and professionalism are appreciated. Lynne is a creative individual and as such has applied her considerable skills in this area to bring together and integrate the look and design of a variety of published materials. She is building a strong social media network for NATS and has contributed constructive ideas to areas outside her purview in the office. [Her strengths include]: strong design and project management skills, excellent understanding of media trends and social media, ability to work on many projects at once.

— Allen Henderson, Executive Director, National Association of Teachers of Singing

Lynne has the professional ability to be creative, write from any personae, self manage, manage others, create processes/procedures to keep a steady workflow and get things done, and works hard to ensure the job gets done, right. I recommend any employer to seriously consider Lynne to head up their content department.

— Scott Michie, Operations Director, VAST BRIDGES, INC.

I was hired by NATS to provide website support. Lynne was in charge of communicating website issues to myself that were reported by NATS members and staff. Lynne has done an excellent job in documenting the issues, testing and verifying tasks upon completion. Lynne was also available for any discussions by phone or Skype which helped expedite the work from our end.

— Jacob Hodara, Joomla! CMS Designer/Developer, jh! design

I was very much impressed with your presentation; it showed extensive knowledge, along with excellent preparation and content. You must have noticed the rapt attention of your audience.

— Richard Sjoerdsma, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Singing

Thank you for making the first half of 08 so successful for all of us at IAW. Your positive attitude, creativity and insights make us all better… You under-promised and over-delivered!

— Bobette Gorden, Vice President, INFLUENCE AT WORK

Lynne and I met when I was doing my Influence training at Arizona State University – she managed all aspects of the presentation and collateral work provided to all of us in a highly professional and personable manner. Highly recommended!

— Stephen Denny, President, Denny Marketing

Thank you, Lynne! I think your work with NATS’ social networking has really helped a lot of members feel more connected to the organization!

— Ellie Seligmann, Colorado Chapter President, National Association of Teachers of Singing, INC.

From the first day we worked together I was impressed with Lynne’s ability to relate to clients and understand their concerns, and then to work patiently with them to find a solution. She was incisive and articulate, and had a real knack for taking the complex and opaque and making them easily understood. She also had a great work ethic, and always seemed to work harder than anyone else to be good at her job. However, I most appreciated that she was an authentic and sincere colleague, and a real pleasure to work with.

— David Newton, Analytics Manager, Computer Sciences Corporation

[Your video production workflow is] extremely logical, well organized and exciting to have this ability applied towards the RCIA mission. You are a great addition to the team. Thank you for your service!

— Carol Springer Sargent, RCIA Sponsor Coordinator, St Joseph Catholic Church

Your graphic design work was great with the newsletter! Click through rose 47% while sales rose 18% when compared to Sep1st!

— Ryan Hogan, CEO, WarWear.com

[She is a] true professional. Lynne over-delivered and was really efficient. I can’t praise her enough. Will definitely be using her again!

— John Hartie, Director, Fusionetics

Lynne is a wonderful and reliable person, she is a great addition to any team!

— Erin Lehnus, Packaging Maven, Columbia Sportwear
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