It’s Not Too Late to Increase Revenue from the Mobile Marketplace

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If you haven’t heard it by now, we’ll say it here again, “You’re losing money if your online business isn’t mobile-friendly.”

Internet marketing experts are weighing in with their 2013 predictions and trends and, overwhelmingly, they agree that mobile is something you shouldn’t ignore.

Here are the facts:

  • Mobile search is dominating the search market. More and more people are utilizing their smart phones and mobile devices to find what they need online.
  • It’s not just Apple and Android anymore. Amazon is quickly becoming the number three contender in mobile operating systems, as devices such as the Kindle Fire gain popularity and usability beyond the book-reader functionality.
  • People are spending almost as much time on their mobile devices as they are on their televisions, increasing by 35% in the last year. If you have good content, it’s got to be mobile, especially if it’s video.
  • Mobile app usage is growing so intensely – $19 billion in 2011, and expected to increase to $46 billion by 2016 – that the mobile app economy is creating jobs: 519,000 last year.

Cross-channel customer experience is where it’s at. There’s no time to waste. You need to put development and marketing money into delivering your best content and information to all the touch points and channels that your customers are accessing.

How are you going to keep your revenue flowing and cater to the mobile marketplace? We have some advice for you as you build your mobile marketing strategy.

Where Do Your Customers Live Online?

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Make sure you know what channels your customers are using. There are so many options, but your products and services may only require a few. Rather than take a buck shot approach, be like a sniper with your efforts. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but don’t throw money at the wind, either. Do your research, take some surveys, and get a good understanding of where your customers live and shop online.

Is Your Website Responsive to Mobile Devices?

Get your website developers to show you some options for mobile-friendly versions of your company website. The best designs are “responsive.” When we were only concerned about a website that could be viewed on a 640×480 screen, we focused on what was visible “above the fold,” what customers saw on the first loading of the page before scrolling down. Now, many mobile devices have much smaller screens, so make sure your most important content is visible upfront.

Are You Monetizing Your Digital Content?

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It’s not just about banner ads these days. There are many opportunities to monetize your digital content besides mobile apps and mobile ads. Make sure that your mobile advertising dollars are taking advantage of the platforms that your customers are utilizing.

There’s no time to waste if your website hasn’t been updated to include a mobile-friendly version. What can you do to help increase your revenue in 2013? Call your website developer today. Talk to digital marketing and design experts who can help you to make sure that you aren’t missing out on opportunities to find leads in the mobile marketplace, nurture them, and convert them to sales.



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