Industrial Condition Monitoring Application Note for GE

As described below, for General Electric Oil & Gas, I created customer-facing technical marketing pieces that included the downloadable file in the Results section.


We identified the key issue as the need to aid the sales force in developing and nurturing leads. To accomplish this, the goal was to demonstrate thought leadership and assist the target audience (plant owners and other purchasing decision makers, many of whom do not fully understand the nature of their power-generating equipment) to consider enhancing their OEM industrial condition monitoring solutions with the GE product line.


I led an international cross-functional team from marketing, sales, and engineering in the development of objectives and strategies in support of overall corporate marketing and business goals


To produce this content from concept to completion, I gathered information from dozens of internal documents that were written by and for Field Application Engineers. I worked closely with the team to discern what was relevant and achieve the objective. To engage the target audience, I kept the document light on technical jargon. I created graphics (using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop) derived from unknown origins to be consistent and brand-compliant. I used Adobe InDesign for page layout and design, ensuring that corporate identity and brand guidelines were followed.


The following piece on aeroderivative gas turbine engine protection and condition monitoring is an excellent example of my combined technical writing, copywriting, editing, and graphic design skills with a topic that is clearly outside my realm of expertise. It required me to employ adept communication techniques to aid the subject matter experts in explaining a complicated scenario in elementary terms.



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