1989-02-28Marketing Assistant at American Cybernetics
1990-02-28Senior Communications Coordinator at Concept Administrators
1990-09-30Senior Technical Writer at Hansen Technologies
1994-02-28Food and Beverage Manager at AMF Altamonte Lanes
1995-02-28Senior Technical Writer at Rupp Technology
1996-06-30Commercial Truck Driver at Dick Simon Trucking
1997-09-30Applications Specialist at Forob
1998-05-30Senior Technical Writer at American Cybernetics
1999-06-30Administrative Assistant at Emmons Design
2000-07-30Website Designer at Restaurant Services, Inc.
2000-07-30Website Manager at Parrot Creek Child and Family Services
2007-05-30Phlebotomist at Phoenix Indian Medical Center and Sonora Quest
2007-07-30Freelance Website and Graphic Design
2008-03-30Art Director at Influence at Work
2012-02-28Marketing and Communications Administrator at National Association of Teachers of Singing
2012-07-30Senior Quality Control Analyst at Lender Processing Services
2012-11-30Content Manager at Vast Bridges
2012-12-30Graphic Designer at Goodwill Industries
2016-01-06Senior Human Factors Engineer at Intel
2014-09-30Senior Technical Writer at General Electric
2016-10-30Senior Technical Writer at American Express
2017-01-01Content Director at Cornerstone Advisors
2017-03-01Technical and Strategic Communications at Robins Egg Multimedia
2017-08-01Senior Technical Writer at NEC Corporation of America
2018-01-01Senior Business Systems Analyst at Conduent
2022-04-01Senior Business Systems Analyst at UC Davis Health
2022-11-05Senior Technical Writer at Microsoft
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